Matt & Nat Take Their First Steps

Matt & Nat 1

Matt & Nat already have a monopoly on clean and classic vegan bags for every occasion (seriously, there’s even a non-leather nappy bag in a range of shades), but the brand have just taken their first steps into the world of vegan footwear, and I’m impressed.

Ditching the clunky, oddly-shaped styles that vegan shoes tend to find themselves in, Matt & Nat’s debut range instead features minimalist summer sandals, monochrome sneakers and a range of gorgeous Oxfords and brogues – basically, a capsule collection of footwear essentials that will take you from work to play to holiday.

The Canadian company launched the line late last month, with prices starting at £65 for a low-top white sneaker and up to £95 for a silver brogue, which matches Matt & Nat’s not-so-expensive price points on their handbag lines. £95 is still a lot to drop on a pair of shoes for most people (myself included), but compared to Stella McCartney’s £600+ Oxfords, it suddenly doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

Just in case you aren’t familiar with Matt & Nat, the brand name actually stands for Material and Nature, launching their first designs in 1995. Not only do they swap leather for faux materials, the linings of the bags are made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles (on average, 21 for each bag), and sustainable materials like cork, cardboard and rubber are used to keep Matt & Nat as eco-friendly as possible.

Matt & Nat 3

My favourite pair? I’m lusting after those white Bonaventure sneakers. I love the look of the Adidas Stan Smiths, but they’re leather, so these low-tops might just hit the spot.

The S/S line is available on now, but make sure you head over to their Instagram for a sneak peek at the A/W collection, dropping later this year.

What’s your favourite style? Let me know below, and show me how you’re styling the line in your Matt & Nat shoefies.


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