DIY Clean Beauty Co.’s Zest Espresso Scrub

Over the past year, I’ve got to know Clean Beauty Co., an East London-based beauty brand run by founders Elsie and Dominika. The brand sell (as their name suggests) clean, handmade beauty, skin and hair care products with 100% natural ingredients that smell amazing and actually work.

I first tried their No Fuss In-Shower Oil and Scrub Life Coffee Body Scrub when I switched to vegan beauty for a week for InStyle and ever since I’ve been hooked. That in-shower body oil is the best I’ve ever tried, and while it’s out of stock on their website right now, I’ve been assured it’s coming back in 2017…

If you haven’t been able to get your hands on any Clean Beauty products just yet, you’re in luck! Elsie and Dominika have just released their first book, with recipes for scalp scrubs, bath soaks and micellar waters that you can DIY in your own kitchen. Not all of the recipes are vegan, but you can make some substitutions.

To celebrate the launch of Clean Beauty, we’re showing you how to make Clean Beauty Co.’s Zest Espresso Body Scrub, made with coffee, tangerine and Himalayan salt. As Elsie and Dominika explain, the detoxifying salt is high in minerals and nutrients that release as they’re mixed with warm water. Using tangerine, a milder member of the citrus essential oil family, makes this scrub perfect for sensitive skin and reduce fluid retention, while the almond oil is packed with vitamin E, helping to smooth, brighten and hydrate skin.


150g ground coffee
30g pink Himalayan salt
20ml sweet almond oil
5 drops tangerine essential oil

Mix together. That’s it.


Helpful hint:
The longer you can keep this scrub on before washing off the better; 5 to 10 minutes will allow the caffeine to activate and penetrate the skin further. Plump skin awaits you!

Shelf life:
3 months in an airtight container. Keep wet fingers out so the shelf life doesn’t become compromised. Instead, use a spoon or scoop to take out some of the scrub.

Recipe and ingredient information taken from Clean Beauty, £18, published by Square Peg.

Available from Amazon now


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