In Pursuit Of The Perfect Pleather Trousers

I am on an eternal quest for the perfect pair of faux-leather trousers. I’m short with thin legs, but carry all my weight on my stomach, so the dream pair of pleather trousers need to hit me just on the ankle, not bag around my knees and still be able to fit around my middle with an actual zip fly, not an elasticated waist. Oh, and they have to not look plastic but (of course) be 100% faux. I’m not asking much, right?!

I’ve tried pairs from Topshop, including these vinyl Jamie jeans that didn’t get past my thighs, even though I have a pair of normal Jamie jeans in the exact same size. I’ve also tried on countless pleather leggings and trousers from Zara, but something about their fit just doesn’t work for me. Either they’re too big and baggy or I can’t pull them up further than my knees. There were some hugely popular vinyl trousers from New Look doing the rounds in the styling pages of Elle and co, but I always prefer a skintight fit around my ankle and they were a little too straight for me.

All I see on Instagram (and IRL) are girls – and guys – in amazing pleather leggings with buckled coats and biker boots and I want to look like them! Especially in this weather. All year round I zip myself into PU miniskirts and band tees (the one I’m wearing right this second is similar to this one from Topshop), but the Great British Winter calls for something a bit thicker than 40 denier tights.

Does anyone have any tips for finding the perfect pleather trousers? Please leave your suggestions below, as well as your own pleather-hunting experiences! Until then, these are the styles I WISH fit…

This Zara pair are only £12.99 in the sale, and would be great for the office.


I like the look of these River Island skinny trousers with zips, £40, but I’d want to see the material up close


For plus-size girls, these leather-look belted trousers from Elvi are SO chic


H&M always do great imitation leather jackets and trousers, like these and these. I tried on that last pair and quelle surprise they did not fit.

Which leathers do you love? Let me know below!



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