Budget Vegan Beauty

Vegan beauty does not have to be expensive. People always assume that going cruelty-free or vegan will mean a massive price hike on your everyday beauty routine, and while there are definitely some brands that cost more £££ than others, there are loads of affordable products easily available online or in stores.

These are some of my favourites…

You’ve been doing them since you were 13 years old but 7th Heaven are still some of the most affordable face masks on the market at £1. There’s a huge range of scents (or is it flavours?) to choose from, including peel off and self-heating masks, hair masks and even cruelty-free finger masks. Superdrug’s own brand masks also start from 49p – just avoid the Manuka honey products.

Hair Care
Finding a great (and affordable) vegan hair care routine hasn’t been easy. I have curly hair and can’t just wash’n’go, and the vegan shampoos I’d tried just weren’t doing it for me. While Ouai’s curl range is still surpassing my wildest dreams when it comes to perfect curls (and breaking my bank balance in the process), I’ve recently started using Phil Smith’s hair range and I really, really like it. Available at Sainsburys, nothing in the whole range (which caters for blondes, dry hair, limp locks and so on) costs more than £4 and most of the range is vegan. There’s also dry shampoo, serum and argan oil treatments.

For skincare, Superdrug’s own brand is where it’s at. You won’t get cheaper cruelty-free face wipes and basic washes, especially as there’s normally an offer on. If you can afford a bit more, I love B’s Micellar Oil for taking off my make-up, but prices do creep up nearer the £10 mark for creams and serums. Amie’s Purifying Facial Wash and Matte Finish Moisturiser are also a revelation at £4.95 each. You can pick up a Travel/ Trial duo for £1 (YES REALLY) too, which I take with me when travelling or staying at a friends.

Naturally kind skincare from Amie, your skins best friend xx www.amieskincare.com

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Benecos are a really affordable vegan brand and I am loving their lip balm right now. It’s £2.45 and comes in classic, mint, orange and raspberry (my favourite). It’s really moisturising and doesn’t just sit on the lips like some vegan balms I’ve tried. The whole brand is worth a look if you haven’t explored it already, with products rarely costing more than around £9 for a foundation – I really recommend.

Does it get any better than Barry M? There’s a huge range of shades in mattes, metallics, gels, coconut infusions, base coats, top coats, crackle coats… Basically, Barry M can sort all your nail needs from £2.99. Benecos also do great nail polishes.


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