Design Your Dream Vegan Handbag With Wilby

When it comes to a vegan wardrobe, hard-wearing, non-hideous accessories have historically been the hardest things to find. But thanks to a slew of ethical companies making cruelty-free cool again, vegan bags are no longer beige bag-for-life affairs.

Wilby, one of the most dependable vegan bag brands, have been making cool, classic and colourful designs since 2013, committed to providing consumers with “choices that are both ethical and fashionable.” But their latest launch? It’s all about you.

The UK-based brand have teamed up with PETA to launch a search for the next ‘it’ bag, inviting entries from budding designers or “anyone who’s passionate about animal-free fashion.” The judging panel includes ex-Made In Chelsea star Lucy Watson, who is increasingly proving herself to be an influential advocate for animal rights. In fact, Lucy is about to release her first book, Feed Me Vegan, with recipes for everything from breakfast to dinner (or in her words, supper).

The winning design will be made by Wilby in the UK with completely vegan materials, saving the mistreatment and slaughter of cows, pigs, goats and sheep for style and vanity. You’ve got until May 17th to enter via PETA’s website, before PETA draw up a shortlist of five designs for Lucy to choose the winner from. The winner will be announced at the end of May, and you can e-mail if you have any questions.

Thanks to brands like Wilby, Matt and Nat and Poppy Lissiman (Stella’s a little out of my budget right now), vegan accessories have come a long way. It’s nice to see a brand reach out to their customers to find out what cruelty-free styles are missing from the marketplace, and using celebrities to amplify this message with integrity. Would this competition have worked as well with a TV personality who wasn’t as committed to animal right? Hell no. I can’t wait to see the winning design.

Will you be entering? Please let me know below and I’ll watch out for your design!


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