Happy Anniversary, Green People! 

Green People might have been a fixture in your bathroom cabinet for years, months or only a couple of weeks, but the brand have been around for decades. Two, in fact – 2017 marks Green People’s 20th anniversary. 

Starting out as a home remedy for founder Charlotte Vøhtz’s daughter and her sensitive, eczema-prone skin, Green People is now a full beauty, skin and haircare range renowned for their commitment to organic ingredients and high-quality products. You can read more about Green People’s story and milestones here

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Green People invited me to a gorgeous event in the roof garden of the Ham Yard Hotel where they showcased their zesty Orange Blossom range and launched the special edition Damask Rose collection. The range includes a moisturiser, cleanser and hand cream, as well as a rose lipstick, all with around 90% certified organically grown ingredients. 

The range is heavily (but naturally) rose scented, but a little goes a long way. I’ve definitely overdosed on the moisturiser at nighttime and ended up slathering it all down my neck and chest to not waste any. The cleanser is a cream consistency, which I never used to like but I am getting back into, thanks to this special edition line and the Gentle Cleanse & Makeup Remover

As with all Green People products I’ve tried, these products are very gentle on the skin. The pump packaging means they’re clean and easy to use too, stamped with a gorgeous rose on the front of each bottle. 

The Damask Rose lipstick is cruelty-free, but does contain organic beeswax. I asked Green People’s Cosmetic Scientist, Ian Taylor, whether they’d consider switching to vegan wax in future, and his answer was honest. Ian explained that until they could find an organic alternative to beeswax that was just as effective, certain Green People products would remain non-vegan. Ian did confirm that all Green People squalane comes from olives, not fish scales.

Through all the chemicals, the animal cruelty and slightly-dodgy claims of how ‘organic’ brands really are, Green People have stood the test of time as a brand of ethics and integrity. Happy 20th anniversary Charlotte and the whole Green People team, here’s to 20 more! 

What’s your favourite Green People product? Let me know in the comments below! 


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