The Vegan Kind Beauty Box Review: May

It’s that time again! After a tough couple of months, I was really looking forward to receiving my The Vegan Kind Beauty Box back in May. I love seeing that pink and green packaging arrive through my front door and although it might not be an essential expense (for someone who’s about to start paying a lot more rent, aka me), I haven’t been disappointed with the contents yet. Here’s my review of May’s box:

PHB Ethical Beauty Natural Black Mascara, £15.95

As I mentioned in my last Beauty Box review, I never thought that I was the biggest fan of PHB Ethical Beauty. However with the more products I try from their range of eye, lip and face products, the more I think I judged the packaging too soon. This mascara is a great basic to have in your stash – it lengthens lashes, is a good shade and doesn’t clump. I wouldn’t say that it gives as much curl or volume as I normally like, but my taste for ‘60s style lashes might be a bit too much for others. I’ll definitely use this on more casual days.

Maggie Anne Strawberry and Grape Nail Varnish Remover, £8.95

With none of that chemical smell you find with other nail varnish removers, Maggie Anne’s remover is acetone-free and enriched with Argan oil and vitamin E. It definitely felt gentle to use on my nails and only took a few seconds longer than stronger (and harsher) polish remover to clean all the colour off my fingers and toes. This comes in three different scents (Lemon & Lime and Blueberry & Pomegranate as well as Strawberry & Grape), and Maggie Anne also sell a range of nail colours and accessories from £1.95 for a file to £10.50 for a polish. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on these.

Zerreau Waterless Towel Off Shampoo, £3.99

Because I have fine, curly hair, I can be very particular about the products I use. I wash my hair every other day in the morning, and on the days I don’t I usually use an aerosol dry shampoo like Phil Smith’s Dry Shampoo or Batiste. This Zerreau towel off shampoo comes in a foam consistency, which you work into your roots before, as the name suggests, towel off, no water needed. I’m not the biggest fan of this. For starters, I avoid towel drying my hair because the friction breaks up my curls and makes them frizzy. The pump is also silent while you’re squirting out the foam, so it’s hard to know how much has come out when you’re trying to target the back of your head without a mirror. I found that the foam ended up on my hair more than my scalp and roots too. This might work for straight-haired vegans as my hair didn’t feel greasy at all and the smell was refreshing, but a spray is so much easier for me. I got the coconut scent, but you can pick up apple or strawberry at Superdrug. I’m also happy that they do a version for afro hair here.

Aqua Esse Equilibrium B12 Infused Pure Alkaline Natural Spring Water, £1.95

This bottle of natural spring water is in really pretty packaging (not to mention that the water is millennial pink), and is infused with B12 (a vitamin a lot of vegetarians and vegans lack). At £1.95 a bottle it’s not actually that much more expensive than a bottle of water at a London station, so given the choice, I might opt for this in future to boost my B12. It really does just taste like water though – not that that’s a bad thing!

Amie New Leaf Deep Pore Exfoliating Polish, £5.95 for a full size tube

I love Amie products, so I was really happy to open up my box and see this inside. It’s a decent sample size at 25ml, perfect for travelling and smells great. It’s also gentle without being pathetic – my pet skincare peeve is scrubs and exfoliators that you can barely feel. As with most brands who are included in these beauty boxes, there’s a discount code if you wanted to buy more Amie products (which I do).

#Repost @thevegankind (@get_repost) ・・・ ❤️❤️❤️ Made with the best all natural ingredients, @amie_natural_skincare gentle and effective formulas are your skin’s best friend: bursting with high-quality natural plant extracts that work in complete harmony with your skin to help keep it clear, soft and radiant. Their gorgeous range is all cruelty free, vegan, pH-balanced, free from parabens and mineral oils, and free from nasties such as petrochemicals and plastic micro-beads. New Leaf Deep Pore Exfoliating Polish is a deep cleansing treatment containing natural rice granules and bamboo stem that work deep-down into pores to lift away dirt, oil and impurities, revealing clearer, smoother skin, and will boost circulation and encourage a natural radiance. Mango and orange blossom extracts help tone and refresh oily and combination skin, and cocoa seed butter and mango seed butter will nourish, soften and condition skin – a truly natural face scrub! 😍😍😍

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What I forgot to mention in my last blog post is that from the cost of every The Vegan Kind Beauty Box subscription, 20p is donated to a different charity each quarter. For May, this is the Dr Hadwen Trust, a “leading non-animal medical research charity who fund and promote the development of techniques nd procedures to replace the use of animals in biomedical research”. Look great, feel good and donate to a charity at the same time?! This is why I love The Vegan Kind.

Do you subscribe to any vegan beauty boxes? Let me know in the comments below, plus sign up to The Vegan Kind’s Beauty Box here if you’re intrigued.


2 thoughts on “The Vegan Kind Beauty Box Review: May

  1. cozycultureblog says:

    Great review! I also reviewed this box on my site! I haven’t actually tried the shampoo thing yet, I feel like it’s not much less faff than washing my hair haha! 🙂

    • Isabella Silvers says:

      I just checked out your review and your site looks great! It’s interesting to subscribe and see what comes with what each month, I agree with you that some of these products I won’t use (the foam shampoo) but it has introduced me to some amazing brands.

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