13 Reasons Why Illamasqua Set An Example To Beauty Brands Everywhere

When it comes to high-end beauty, Illamasqua are firmly up there as one of my favourite brands. Their products are incredible and the packaging appeals to my dark side, but most importantly, founder Julian Kynaston runs the British brand with ethics at its heart.

Firstly, Illamasqua is staunchly cruelty-free – they have never and will never test on animals. They also have a growing range of vegan products and only use synthetic hair in their make-up brushes. As a brand, Illamasqua are mindful of the ethical impact of their environmental impact and package their products accordingly. You can read Illamasqua’s full policy here.



Earlier this year, Illamasqua also released an Anti-Fascism Pledge, banning Trump supporters from buying their products. You can enjoy that pledge here.

Just when you thought you couldn’t love Illamasqua any more, they go and hire Munroe Bergdorf as part of their ongoing #Illamafia campaign.

In case you missed the furore earlier this month, model and activist Munroe was controversially dropped from L’Oreal’s True Match campaign. As the first trans model to take part in the campaign, and a woman of colour at that, Munroe’s participation was a massive deal. After a mere three days as a face of L’Oreal (I brand I do not support as they test on animals), a Facebook post on racial violence written by Munroe after the Charlottesville protests was used by the Daily Mail to smear the model as a ‘racist’. She was promptly dropped by L’Oreal for not supporting their values of “diversity and tolerance”.

As a longstanding Illamasqua collaborator, we are angered to hear that @munroebergdorf has been dropped from the L’Oreal True Match Campaign. Illamasqua is a brand that stands proudly and unashamedly for diversity and equality. We don’t stand or accept any form of racism. But we also believe Munroe’s comments have been edited out of context by a certain media title (who we won’t bother naming) without telling a true story. In order for our generation to move forward and create a more inclusive society, its not just about showing diversity. We must all be free to talk about social issues in a constructive and tolerant way. #istandwithmunroe #munroebergdorf #illamafia #equality #diversity #loreal #thisistruediversity #weloveyoumunroe

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The decision to drop Munroe was disgraceful and hypocritical, and social media agreed. So it’s no surprise that Illamasqua picked up Munroe as part of their #Illamafia campaign, known for embracing diversity in all its forms. According to Munroe, this collaboration was planned before the whole L’Oreal saga. Speaking to Metro, she said: ‘it means the world that they stood by me during this tough time. ‘This is the first major campaign that I’ve modelled in for them and I can’t wait to kick off this new chapter.’

If that’s not enough to convince you that Illamasqua deserve your support, here are my three favourite vegan products:

  1. Hydra Veil is a cult classic for a reason. Hydrate and prime in the chicest way possible.


  1. Beyond Powder can be used wet or dry for buildable luminosity.


  1. Gel Colour is the blush you never knew you needed.



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